Thanks for tuning in the first ever episode of the Small Town Big Win Online Marketing Podcast for Local Businesses! Steve Loiselle here! I am a Facebook and Instagram expert, a local business owner and podcast enthusiast as well. 

I am here introducing my podcast that will teach you how to grow, scale and automate your local business. We will talk about marketing for local business, strategies, case studies!

If you’re one of the local business owners, who are struggling in marketing and growing your business? We will make that easy. I got you!

I always love to help business owners to make the fullest potential of your business to the next level by sharing some techniques and tips where you can maximize your marketing through Facebook and Instagram ads in the right way. 

Stay tuned!

On Today’s Show You’ll learn:

  • Who is Steve Loiselle?
  • Why did I start a podcast?
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads Strategies
  • Benefits of Facebook and Instagram ads 
  • The importance of listening to podcast
  • What are my goals in having this podcast?
  • How can I help other business owners?

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About The Author

Steve Loiselle

A Local business owner just like YOU, Facebook & Instagram Ads Expert, Podcast Host, a loving boyfriend, owner of a rescued dog named Flow, a Brazilian Jiujitsu fanatic and a Brooklin 99 Superfan! ( Can’t be the only one right? )