This episode is really exciting and amazing! A lot of geeky stuff and it’s so much fun to learn here. I am having my first guest interview on the Small Town Big Win Marketing Podcast. I could not be more excited about it! We will geek out and talk about Facebook & Instagram Ads for small and local businesses. 

Let’s welcome my fellow entrepreneur, Amanda Robinson. The Digital Gal!  I am very honored to have her on the show! I was so nervous to even ask her to be the first guest on my show but her answer was “ Steve, I would be honored!” And that my friends made me smile! She is widely recognized in the digital marketing industry for her knowledge, training, skills and coaching as a Facebook Ads expert with her Swift Kick In the Ads Membership, her 4 Week Facebook Ads Training Bootcamp, and for her creative chatbot skills.

Let’s dive in today’s episode!

On Today’s Show You’ll learn:

  • How to spy on your competitors?
  • What are Facebook Ads?
  • Why do local business owners should do Facebook Ads?
  • What are the difference between Facebook Ads and Boost Post
  • Biggest mistakes business owners do in Facebook Ads or Boost Post
  • How to make your page more engaging?
  • Why is your ICA important?
  • Importance of organic content
  • Understanding your data you get from Facebook Ads?
  • What is Facebook Pixel?
  • The special Ad Category and why you should use it?
  • What are Chatbots?
  • Why use Messenger Marketing and what is it? How can you use it with Facebook Ads?

About Amanda Robinson:
She is an author, international speaker, consultant, and educator who has taught thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs the foundational skills of Facebook Ads. Amanda brings personality and passion to teaching others how to make Facebook ads work for them. She is part of the 360 Marketing Squad with Stephanie Liu, Jenn Hermann,Mike Allton and just released her first book which is the number one seller on amazon, The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing and she continues dominating the ads game.

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Local Business Facebook Ads Marketing Group: (Small Biz Ad-Vantage)

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