On today’s episode, I’m gonna tackle Multi-level Marketing such as Herbalife,Monat, Arbonne, Tupperware etc.You’re probably one of the people who’s also in this MLM industry and you also want to level up your marketing strategy, but Facebook Ads doesn’t allow us to promote any MLM business? 

Now, you will learn how you can maximize your social media platforms to grow and scale your MLM business. You will learn how to do it and why you need to learn this strategy. The tips and techniques I’ve shared in this episode will surely scale your game with your MLM business. Let’s dive more deeper into it!

On Today’s Show You’ll learn:

  • Difference between Facebook Page vs. Facebook Profile
  • Marketing Strategy Tips on Facebook Page 
  • Why is creating a Facebook Business Page important?
  • Good Content Creation Strategy
  • Online Program and Upselling Techniques 
  • Importance of knowing your target audience or your ideal avatar
  • How to engage and connect with your Audience?
  • How does Facebook Group help for a powerful engagement?
  • Facebook Live Strategies 
  • How does Facebook Ads scale your business?
  • Creating and Retargeting Audience
  • Why do you need a website?
  • Importance of tracking your analytics
  • Automation Techniques to follow up your Leads

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