In today’s episode, I have an amazing guest Dina Mande. She is an amazing marketer, and photographer in the boudoir & portrait photography industry. She helps portrait photographers to scale their business to six figures! Amazing right? 

If you are a photographer and struggling in terms of marketing this episode is perfect for you! She will share some tips and tricks on how you can bring your photography business to the next level that will reach your ideal clients. You are going to learn so much in this episode with Dina.

Now, Let’s get to it!

On Today’s Show You’ll learn:

  • What is a Sales Funnel?
  • Why is it important to embrace your niche?
  • What is the advantage of creating a landing page?
  • How to create proper sales funnel that will convert into sales?
  • Tips on nurturing your audience through email list
  • How to creatively market your photography
  • How to build your email list and why it is important?
  • 4 ways to build your audience
  • Importance of Facebook Group in Photographers
  • Tips on how to make your Ads creative and engaging
  • Ideal budget for your Ads as a photographer

Dina’s Magazine reference:

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