HeyHelloWhat's up my friend!

Hey my friend!
I’m Steve!


A local business owner just like you, Facebook & Instagram Ads Expert, podcast host, a loving boyfriend, owner of a rescue dog, a Jiujitsu Fanatic and a Brooklin 99 super fan! ( Can’t be the only one right? )


If you’re like me and you wanted to make your side hustle a full time gig, it’s an amazing journey!

When I started, I didn’t know anything about marketing, especially Facebook Ads. I was working my job, working nights, arguing with people, not having a good sleep, and mostly, thinking about how this life was not for me. How I wanted to have a bigger impact, how I wanted to really change people’s life.


This is my life, and we are 4! Check this is amazing picture! She is my everything! Always there to support my crazy ideas and believes in my dreams and goals! With us, there is Mr. Flow & Charlie! Mr. Flow is a dog that I adopted after I lost my German Shepperd, Gunner! Charlie is a beautiful little Chow Chow girl! She knows what she wants and she will tell ya! I will post some pictures on this profile soon 😛 I also wanted to honor my bestfriend Gunner, so here’s a little picture for ya!

Alright, back to my story.


Before I started my first agency, I was looking at local business owners and seeing how some of them we’re only relying on Local newspapers advertising. I also was hearing horror stories about how they got ripped off or tried Facebook Ads ( the famous Boost Post Button ) and they we’re not happy with the results.

I was doing Martial Arts classes, and my sensei said “ Steve, spread the word out”, we need more members. That impacted me and got my thinking, hey, how do I do that?

I got home, spoke with Ashley about it. She said, well, you can try to boost post on instagram especially if you want to grow your audience. You will have people liking your stuff. “ Back then,getting a bunch of likes was the BOMB!” lol.

So, I tried boosting a post from my instagram…. And…. it was a game changer. I noticed people liking my pictures, engaging with me, and it felt dam amazing!

So THAT got me thinking… ( again )

OMG, I should start a business, helping local business owners get in front of their customers!

And, my first agency was born.. Lightning Media!

So, I worked my way up, got multiple clients, and was also nominated  at the Excellence Gala for striving new business in 2019.

I then started diving in Facebook Ads… and that my friend did not only change my life, it changed my client’s life. Not only within their business, but in their personal life also.

I started investing in amazing programs and learning everything I could possibly know about Facebook Ads. I have tested and tested and tested new ideas and strategies.

I was invited on multiple podcasts, such as the Art of Paid Traffic to talk about case studies that I have done for some of my clients.

Just late last year, I rebranded to my name. I wanted to be up front, in front of the crowd, so that YOU can truly see, that I am someone just like you.

Not only am I a Facebook Ads Expert, I am also co-owner of Fowater Martial Arts, a local business in my 10,000 people community. I can relate to you, I understand your struggles when it comes to social media, especially Facebook Ads.

So here you are, that’s me, in a nutshell!

Never underestimate yourself!

FREEZE! You’re under arrest! 

EMO drummer: Check it out for yourself

EMO drummer: Check it out for yourself

FREEZE! You’re under arrest! 

Fun Facts about myself

Yep! Drums and Guitar

Favorite Food : Homemade Mac & cheese. ( With tomato soup )

 Prepping / Survival

Hard One… but Xmas!